by Asem



Follow up to the TTDL ALBUM


releases May 5, 2015




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Asem a rapper, singer, songwriter.
Asem released his first official singles"Give me blow" "Pigaro" raved great reviews and got spins on several radio stations including BBC 1 extra. Asem has released two more projects after that which included songs like "No More Kpayor" and "Bye Bye".Asem has shared the stage with acts such as Rick Ross, Omarion, Fat Joe, Ja Rule just to name a few. ... more

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Track Name: Bad Girls Don't Sleep
B.G.D.S Lyrics

I know some girls, real bad girls
These girls dont sleep
I know some girls, real bad girls
These girls roll deep
These girls dont sleep
These girls roll deep

Dont sleep, Dont Sleep
Ayyyy these girls dont sleep

I don't know about you but I'm looking for a bad girl, im looking for a bad girl
If she good looking, and she hard working and she know bout twerking
Im looking for that girl
A little of Aaliyah and Da brat girl
A little of Beyoncé with some fat girl
Aint gon lie if she ain't got booty she was never really on my stats girl
Tingalingaling rude girl thing
Met a rude boy now she on a good girl thing
If they don't know about me you telling A.S.E.M you spelling
I'm the modern day L.L mixed with ODB
I love the bad girl who keeps the low key
A real bad girl if she know me
She not bad if she no dey smoke trees
All about the dollar dollar bill yor
Real bad girls pay their own bills yor
Real bad girls throw it, real bad show it and she don't really care how you feel girl yor
( Repeat Chorus and Hook )

Rap 2
Every bad man need a cat girl See that Halley Berry belly flat girl
Keep it gangster with a couple of tats girl
Pop champaign keep it flowing like a tap girl
Brown skin im talking that Nia Long
Wish I could make a movie I could put Nia on
She make it clap she don't need an arm
A me she dey call when she need to come
A little bit of Riri Iggy and Nickie
And she won't even smoke it if it aint that ikky
And she won't even stroke it if you ain't that freaky
And what she really need is that bad boy dickie
But she keep a shy guy like Diana King
Just to feel like a good girl that kind of thing
She bad she bad she bad to the bone
She keep a big butt to the throne .
Repeat chorus and hook