by Asem



New single from ASEM. 2016, the singer song writer gets up for the release of his upcoming album
Asem performing Yo-Yo, new single from from his upcoming project.



Drop it and pick it up and down like a
yo yo
Pop it and whip it Profound how she go low
Murder she wrote oh she wicked Dollars and euros on the floor yo
Drop it and pick it Up and down like a
yo yo

Verse 1
Too hot for tv
Bad chic on some Riri
Working magic like a genie
Oh its tragic dog believe me
How she grinding on my pee pee
Winding like her first name Cece
Make a real gee beg for mercy
Got the ballers all thirsty
Shut down every city
From Houston to Philly
Make Meek Meely be like Nicki
Move that superbass get freaky oh no
Fast forward then she back it up in slomo
I hit it fast forward then she back it up in slomo

Whenever you move and you swing
Girl when you doing your thing
Make an Angel wanna sing
The satisfaction that you bring
Whenever you juggle them twins
Make a brother wanna spend
You can bring all your friends
And we can do it again


Verse 2
I'm blown away completely
My mind is on a roof see
I'm high and acting goofy
My eyes are droopy droopy
Make me wanna drink some alcohol
Stay in the club till she walk out the door
That's after four
I'm making my move and I'm asking her
Baby can I pick you in my faster car
I got a hundred thousand on my Mastercard
Take you to an after party have an afterball
She already know what im asking for
Steve Austin smash it raw
Oh well
Grand for your booty Budapest hotel
Took her to the bar and bought her the whole shelf
Girl if I was you I'll be loving my own self
Oh well
If you let me hit it I promise I won't tell
If you let me hit it I promise I won't tell
If you let me hit it I promise I won't tell

I'm docking my boat, im docking my boat , im docking my boat on your wet marina

How you move on the pole, how you move on the pole, how you move on the pole like an expert bellerina




released May 15, 2016



all rights reserved



Asem a rapper, singer, songwriter.
Asem released his first official singles"Give me blow" "Pigaro" raved great reviews and got spins on several radio stations including BBC 1 extra. Asem has released two more projects after that which included songs like "No More Kpayor" and "Bye Bye".Asem has shared the stage with acts such as Rick Ross, Omarion, Fat Joe, Ja Rule just to name a few. ... more

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